Episode #81 – “Noxx is Dead”

This week Torkz and Deringer, not Noxx because he is dead, reveal that Clegg has H1Z1, patches will be delayedRead More

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  Apr 15th, 2014


Guardian Radio Episode 57

Gather the #RobotSpacePimps because Episode 57 is now deployed. This week we’re joined by Destiny Community Hub App Co-Creator Justin Ernst. Justin sits in to chat about the latest news surrounding Destiny as well as reveal some new upcoming features coming to the Destiny Community Hub App. Chris returns to deliver his fan favorite True/False […]



KritzKast #268: HUDoo Juju

So that’s both new maps and new weapons confirmed as coming with the “End of the Line” update. Although James McVinnie also made it clear that there would be no new voice lines recorded for his SFM lead update. Reddit and Tumblr will be facing off again in their 2nd annual (valve time) series of matches. You can put your name down to compete here. Finally! At least that’s what […]



Podtacular 417: Spring Cleaning

This podcast is a little late, due to some IRL things going on with the hosts, but we had a truck load of information roll on down last week. Ridley Scott will be working on a Halo Digital Feature that … Continue reading

  Apr 10th, 2014


KritzKast #267: Taunt At The Moon

It finally happened, the update we’ve been waiting for, no not end of the line, an update to our backpack and it’s interface. New crates with killstreak kits and chemistry sets. Plus strange weapons can now be placed on the market. To wrap this altogether, we also have the latest issue of the comic series. Another great read, but suddenly it starts to tie all of the lore together in […]

  Apr 09th, 2014


How To Murder Time 3.14: Playing Stuff

This week we’ve been playing games again Remember Me Skylanders Swap Force Alpha Centauri inFamous Second Son Assassin’s Creed III Space Marine Planetside 2 Rocksmith 2014



Episode #80 – “Save Briggs … Buy Mountain Dew”

This week Torkz and Deringer, minus an AWOL Noxx, talk about the April 2 patch and all it’s in-game issues.Read More

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  Apr 08th, 2014


Guardian Radio Episode 56

Episode 56 is now deployed! This week we are joined by DBO’s own Duncan. This is Duncan’s second appearance on the show and dboTV’s host doesn’t let us down by bringing his witty humor and knowledge and helps us tackle this week’s news. As usual we have the latest Bungie Weekly Update to dig through […]



The Return of Old Van Hemlock Episodes

Before we were Murdering Time we were Van Hemlocking, and those shows have been offline since an unfortunate accident with a goat, a rake and our old server consigned them to digital oblivion. It had nothing to do with my name not being in the title, honest. Since I love/hate all our fans (delete as […]


KritzKast #266: Tip of the Wub

Last week we talked about the Meet Your Makers event that we ran, this week we talk about how valve decided to put it on the front of their blog. It’s been nearly a year since the last none valve promoted item was added to the blog. So why us? Why now? Tip of the hats also happened last weekend and raised over $100,000. They did an awesome job of making […]

  Apr 03rd, 2014