Halo Ad – One Lucky Grunt

A new ad is out from Xbox for Halo: The Master Chief Collection featuring an interview with supposedly the only Grunt to survive the onslaught of Covenant by Master Chief.  In this comedy of an interview, the Grunt claims to … Continue reading

  Mar 15th     podtacular


Podtacular 465: Halo 5 Beta Breakdown: Spectator Mode

Our latest show comes from the depths of Pax East that took place this past weekend including the grand finals of HCS Season One.  To no mere coincidence, this week we talk about one of thenew, highly demanded features in … Continue reading

  Mar 14th, 2015


KritzKast #315: Meet Dean Fortress and Olivia Watch

Valve drops a huge update on us. The once fabled Source 2 is real, free to developers and looks shiny on low spec graphics. Sadly no word on when it comes to TF2. Also announced and earmarked for release before the end of the year are the Steam Universe devices SteamVR headset, Steam Machines, SteamOS, Steam Link and of course the Steam Controller. In Overwatch news we have two new […]

  Mar 13th, 2015


Xbox One Gets a Halo MCC Bundle

With the recent success of the latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection Content Update, Xbox announced yesterday that it will now have an Xbox One bundle that includes MCC.  The bundle is priced alongside the rest of the Xbox One … Continue reading

  Mar 10th     podtacular


Guardian Radio Episode 101

We kick off the next 100 episodes of Guardian Radio with Episode 101. Joining us this week is YouTuber and Destiny lore fanatic @TerraMantis. In our lore segment this week we dive in to the fiction behind the Tower’s factions and hopefully help you decide which to align with. We discuss our experiences in the recently released Infreno playlist and…



How To Murder Time 4.04

This week we’re talking about what we’ve been playing again.

  Mar 09th, 2015


Pax East 2015 Sales for your Gaming Gear Needs

If you’re looking to grab some gaming gear, now’s the time to take advantage of Pax East savings.  Whether you’re at the expo this weekend or at home catching all the action from the web, many retailers are offering discounts … Continue reading

  Mar 6th     podtacular


MCC Patch Notes: Mar 3rd

The latest patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available for download.  The patch is shaping up to live up to the hype as we’ve played several matchmaking and custom games with significant improvements of the things addressed in … Continue reading

  Mar 4th     podtacular


The Silent Cartographer: Evolved Now Available from CMT

At Pax East we had the privilege in meeting one of the team members of the Custom Map Team developing their third version of the remastered Halo: Combat Evolved campaign.  What some people didn’t know is that they had been … Continue reading



KritzKast #314: 15926535897932

We hit it. Episode Pi. and what do we have on this most Pi-full of episodes. Obviosuly we cover the most recent updates and their implications on the game. Plus we also show you some of the latest TF2 Merch Available from WeLoveFine. Awesome concepts, but be warned, if you click on that link, you will be angry…..just saying. Its all very cute…..just very unstoppable Over at PAX East, There […]

  Mar 03rd, 2015