How To Murder Time 3.08: Game Preservation

This week we are looking at the serious side of games: Who will preserve them for future generations? Companies, Governments and Pirates. Between them all can we guarantee that future scholars will have anything left to study? Can somebody please prove that we’re wrong about who owns the rights for the Sinclair Spectrum?

  Mar 02nd, 2014


Podtacular 412: Testing Your Medal

We’re currently in a little bit of a low point for news this week and until more rumors surface, if any, we won’t get much until the time E3 rolls around. Not to worry though as we this week’s Halo … Continue reading

  Mar 01st, 2014


KritzKast #261: Lego Fortress

Did you hear the news. We have an interview with Gary Schwartz. The voice of the Heavy & Demoman. Click to to listen to it now…..NOW! Of course we’ll be talking about the interview, but in this episode we’ll be talking about the Thief promo items added to the game this week. Over at facepunch, its Competition season. They’ve just finished their Arms race weapon mod contest providing the workshop […]

  Feb 26th, 2014


Episode #74 – “MAXFALL”

This week ScourgeoftheServer joined Torkz, Noxx and Deringer to discuss the Amerish patch, Crossbow Auraxiuming, the Server Smash and someRead More

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  Feb 25th, 2014


Twitch Streaming Drops for Xbox One on March 11th

We know it’s been coming for a while, but we finally know thanks to an article posted on Xbox Wire this morning that Twitch Broadcasting is coming to Xbox One on March 11th. What’s also important about that date is … Continue reading



KritzKast interviews Gary Schwartz

You may recognise Gary Schwartz by name alone but for those looking puzzled I’ll clue you to his clones. He’s been one half of a double act of mimes. He’s Trekked across Deep Space hundreds of times. As a kid playing in Our Town the crowd called for more! Much later he lent his voice to Pleo the dinosaur. He has acted with Hollywood hits, like Tobey Maguire, not bad for the idiot who thwarted The Quest for Fire. […]



Guardian Radio Episode 50

Episode 50 is deployed Guardians! In this episode we take a break from the news chatter (really because there isn’t any) and party like Bungie did this past week with the Bungie Pentathlon. We reminisce about this past year and chat about what the future may hold. Some fellow Guardians call in to join in the fun and Watts warms up his pipes and serenades the Guardian Faithful with a Traveler Sized version of a Billy Joel classic. Tune in to the Episode on YouTube for an epic intro. Join us as we celebrate one year of the Guardian Radio community.

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How To Murder Time 3.07: Face Full of Cougar

This week we’re talking about what’re we’ve been playing, and it’s not pretty: Morrowind Ornitocopter patch Banished Star Trek Online Ryse: Son of Rome Assassin’s Creed 3 Skylanders Old Republicans 

  Feb 23rd, 2014


Podtacular 411: Rumble Rabble

The New York Toy Fair has wrapped up and we saw some really cool toys, figures and swag get shown off. To help cover some of the Mega Bloks detail, (which I’m personally interested in) we had HaloFanForLife drop by … Continue reading

  Feb 22nd, 2014


Ghosts and Echoes Episode 13

Strauss has transmitted Episode 13 of Ghosts and Echoes. In this episode Strauss is having some trouble while he ponders the metamorphosis of butterflies. Gheritt sings, Marcus delivers the keynote address to the Interplanetary Business Best Practices …

  Feb 19th, 2014